Do Waterproof Cases Really Work?

Do Waterproof Cases Really Work?

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Waterproof iPhone Case

As technology has advanced over the past decade, the price of cell phones has risen exponentially. A new iPhone 4S 64GB costs $849 dollars without a contract, and at least $399 with a 2 year contract. While new phones are usually built with a rugged design, they can be vulnerable to water damage. Water damage voids most warranties, leaving owners stuck with a several hundred dollar brick.

A waterproof case can be a valuable way to protect an expensive iPhone, Android, or other high-end smart phone. A waterproof case is designed with a special polymer, which allows a clear and distortion-free view of a phone’s screen. In addition, a waterproof case will allow users to interact with a touch screen. The screen of a waterproof case is made from a thin and durable plastic, which allows user interaction while preventing water damage.

In addition, a waterproof case will protect a phone from scratches, mars, and accidental drops. A rubber waterproof casing can keep a phone looking like new, increasing the trade-in value for the phone. A 2 year old iPhone in like-new condition can be worth over 200 dollars, while a scratched and damaged iPhone may be worth nothing.

A waterproof case doesn’t muffle or reduce the quality of a phone call. Cellphone users are able to enjoy crystal-quality calls while a phone is stored in a waterproof case. A unique polymer material allows sound to be transmitted from the phone to outside the case, all without a reduction in voice quality.

For people involved in outdoor sports, a waterproof case is a necessity. Anyone who uses a smartphone when kayaking, hiking, biking or as a GPS should purchase a waterproof case. Anytime a phone is outdoors it’s possible for it to be damaged by water. While getting a few drops of rainwater on a phone may not seem harmful, it can damage the internal components of many cellphones.

A waterproof case is a great way to protect a cellphone while ensuring ease of use. By keeping a cell phone in great condition, it’s possible to ensure a longer life, higher resale value, and many years of entertainment.

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