5 Tips For Picking an iPhone Case

5 Tips For Picking an iPhone Case

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Once a piece of expensive technology, smartphones are now as much a fashion accessory as they are a useful communications tool. From tech-savvy Android fans to business-focused BlackBerry users, different phone users have different priorities, both in usageand in looks. Part of this comes down to the type of case that they house their phone in, and how it changes their overall style.

From bulky and utilitarian protective cases to stylish classic leather cases, there’s no shortage of different styles out there for iPhone users. Slimline cases and thin plastic bumpers add a minimal look to a phone that’s often dressed up more than its users. But if you’re looking for a unique and interesting style, which phone case should you go for?

Read on to learn more about our five suggestions for keeping your iPhone as stylish and unique as yourself. From geeky case ideas to practical tips on how to keep your phone case from ruining your outfit, these tips will help you keep your phone stylish, practical, and very well protected.

  1. Pick a case that isn’t visible through your pockets.

Like wearing tight jeans and thin pants? If so, pick a case that isn’t so thick that it makes your phone bulge out from your side pocket. While the current generation iPhone is slim and tapered enough to fit inside anyone’s jeans, it doesn’t always look good when it’s in place. With a slim plastic case or a minimal polycarbonate enclosure, your phone will never stick out too much from your jeans.

  1. Avoid flashy graphical cases as much as possible.

Like that geeky GameBoy case? Go ahead and buy it, but don’t expect it to match many of your gear or look good with all of your clothes. Graphical cases have the same problems as graphical clothes – they don’t always ‘click’ with the rest of your accessories. If you’re not concerned about your items clashing, go ahead. However, if you like everything to match, a plain plastic case is a better choice.

  1. Have different cases prepared for different crowds.

Want to make a good impression at a professional meeting? Don’t pull out your iPhone with its cute Hello Kitty case still attached. Likewise, if you don’t want to seem plain and boring at a party, use a creative case for your phone. Different cases say different things about your personality, and with a different case for professional and personal occasions, you’ll be able to project the right message.

  1. Think about how you use your phone, and what it needs.

It’s nice to have a gorgeous leather case for your iPhone, but it’s far from practical if you’re running through the rain every day on the way to work. Likewise, a protective case will keep your phone in good condition, but it’s annoying if you’re constantly answering it. Pick a case that suits your phone usage and your overall lifestyle, not just a case that makes your phone look good.

  1. Don’t over-think things – it’s just a cellphone case.

Worried that you’ll be laughed at for your creative camera-style iPhone case? Don’t be. Having a cool, unique case is as much a conversation starter as any other accessory. From old-school game cases to Japanese cartoon characters, projecting your personality with your phone case is a great way to get compliments and attention. Relax and be yourself – it is your phone, after all.

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