Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

We’ve all heard the horror stories. From brand new iPhones being dropped on their faces to screens and home buttons smashing into pieces, the smartphones of today may be aesthetically pleasing, but they’re far from durable. Small scratches can quickly turn into phone-breaking cuts, and what would have been a trivial drop for an older phone can be a deadly injury for one of today’s handsets.

However, with phones now made out of glass and silicon instead of plastic, we’ve added a new and useful accessory into the mix: the smartphone case. From flashy iPhone cases to sleek and business-styled BlackBerry cases, today’s phones seem incompletely and very exposed when they’re outside their protective shells.

But which of the cases is the most durable? While iPhone case is the most prepared to protect your phone from the trials and abuse that it faces on a daily basis? Which case will protect your phone in the case of a lengthy fall, a sudden impact, or the potential scratches of a set of keys. We looked at some of today’s top cases to see which offers the best combination of durability and style.


  1. Signature Leather Case

Our Signature Leather Case is made for style and fashion, but it’s also a highly durable phone case for users that put their iPhone in tough situations. Built using a combination of leather and carbon fiber, it’s strong enough to withstand any normal-distance drop while keeping your phone safe.

The Signature Leather Case fits all iPhone 4 and 4S models, and is the perfect choice for users that need a combination of sleek, timeless style and reasonable protection. For urban phone use, this is the case to choose.


  1. Tank Case

The Tank Case takes iPhone protection to a whole new level. While other cases protect the sides of your phone, the Tank Case aims to protect the most important part: your phone’s screen. Thanks to its thick exterior made of both silicone and polycarbonate materials, the Tank Case is arguably the strongest consumer iPhone case on the market.

With an adjustable screen cover, the Tank Case is significantly less cumbersome than it appears to be. Whether you’re using it for protecting your phone while in the wilderness or simply keeping it safe during sports, the Tank Case is more than enough to keep your phone going strong.


  1. Tough Case

If the Tank Case is a little too much, try the Tough Case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Built to withstand a range of everyday hits and impacts, the Tough Case is more than enough for keeping your phone safe from drops, scratches, and other would-be issues. Built from polycarbonate, it’s both strong and stylish, offering protection and a rugged, modern style.

The Tough Case fits all fourth generation iPhones, although older models are available for the older iPhone generations. While it’s less durable than some heavy-duty iPhone cases, few cases offer the combination of strength and acceptable style that the Tough Case specializes in.


  1. Defender Case

Another stylish option, the Defender Case is less protective than the Tank Case, but also much more of a stylish accessory. Built from textured silicone and lined internally with a thin layer of felt, it’s a case that works for both the fashion-conscious and the adventurer. Inexpensive and widely available both online and off, it’s our pick for the best low-budget iPhone protective case.

However, keep in mind that the Tough Case will likely beat out the Defender in terms of style, and the Tank Case in terms of true protection. If you’re looking for a mid-range, inexpensive option, it’s a good choice. However, for solid protection, the Tank and Tough cases are your best bet.

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